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Hi fellas,

A new batch of CGIs>> A Residential building in Varna

Architecture: Martin Hristov, Ina Dineva / E-ARCH

Visualizations: Vladislav Dechev / wFS



Agricultural complex, Vratza


Our latest design: an agricultural complex in Vratza.

Architecture: Emil Dechev / EMKO, Vladislav Dechev

Visualizations: Vladislav Dechev



Aqua Paradise Resort, Nesebar / VIZ Update

Hi fellas,

Here’s our latest VIZ work: a total update of almost all CGIs for Aqua Paradise Resort in Nesebar / Bulgaria. There were updates in the design in the first place, so the client have requested an update to the CGIs as well. This time the time frame wasn’t that narrow so the final result is a bit upgraded.

Most of the POVs have been changed, some new ones were added as well. Total number of frames: 24.

Architecture: MIO Design

Viz: Vladislav Dechev

Soft: ArchiCAD / 3ds max + vray / Photoshop

Hope you like it.



Merry Christmas:)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

May it be successful, filled with inspiring ideas, health and happiness. Lots of joy to you and your family.

Business Center, H.Ibsen / Sofia

A quick concept design entry for a actual spot in Sofia – a Business Center on H.Ibsen Str.


There has been an approved silhouette plan with massing for the site, which served as a reference point for the design. The building was setup to be a high-end development with open office and minimal common spaces.


The main 3d scene modelling has been done by my colleague Samuil Ivanov and the environment materials and details were setup by Stoycho Iliev.


Architecture: Vladislav Dechev / SGI

Modelling: Vladislav Dechev ,Samuil Ivanov, Stoycho Iliev

Rendering and postproduction: Vladislav Dechev