Office Fitout>>

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Hi all, long time , no see:)

Here are some ideas we sketched last week. Already build office building and the client wanted to spice things up, so here are the results, hope you like them:

Design and 3D model done in ArchiCAD

Rendering, materials and lighting: 3ds Max + Vray

Postproduction: Photoshop + Knoll light factory

Design by: arch.Vladislav Dechev , Stеphen Gеorge Internationаl




The ОMAN Project>>

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Hi guys,

Here’s a project we did two months ago with Stеphen Georgе /UK – a development of a free zone in Omаn. It contains residential units, hotels, commercial and industrial buildings.

The process was very time-consuming, very difficult and dense. We had to design and build fairly detailed, but not too resolved 3D models for every building in the city. We’ve tried to unify most of them, but still the variety was quite big. The main idea was for the final images to look detailed (not full of white boxes), while the actual buildings weren’t actually designed yet.

The final goals were to present a CGI set (our job) and an Animation (rendering and postrpoduction of which – done by PrоVIZ)

I have to thank my colleague – arch. Margarita Bojinova for completing enormous amount of work including: building most of the retail models for both cities, and putting together the second (round one) city almost all by her self.

I also have to thank our colleagues from PrоVIZ studio for helping us with some render power while we were short on it:)

Masterplanning:  Stеphen Georgе /UK

Building Models design: arch. Vladislav Dechev, arch.Margarita Bojinova

Materials, Lighting, Environment, Car,-Tree- People Systems, Cameras, Render Setup, PostProduction: arch.Vladislav Dechev

Design Superviser: arch.Аlexander Dаw, arch.Тihomir Kazakоv / Stеphen Georgе Int. /Bulgaria

Software: – models> AutoCAD, ArchiCAD ;  scene done in: 3ds max ; rendered with: vray. Multiscatter used for all the trees and cars systems

Hope you like it:)




Business Incubator /Concept 2.0>>

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Hi, guys!

Here’s the latest concept we’ve been working on: Business Incubator, next to the Chemistry Faculty of Sofia University / Bulgaria.

The idea is well known around the world , but here in Bulgaria – it’s kinda new. It’s a building that provides the ability for young minds to develop their unique ideas, to do research and basically to work for the good of the people. Here they have the opportunity to do all those things under the supervision of the government/or any other investments. They have labs, offices and the ultimate work environment, created for them. And as some say: it’s one of those Win-Win situations : the businessmen win, the scientists win and on top of all : the society wins:)

Architecture: Stеphеn Gеorge Intеrnatiоnal / Bulgаria: Tihоmir Kаzakov, Alеxander Dаw, Vladislav Dechev, Ivаn Kunchev

The entire project was done in 3 days and later on redone in again 3 days (including the modeling). The building and the surrounding terrain are entirely done in 3ds max. rendered there as well.

Original resolution 2700/1800, 300 dpi. Post: done in Photoshop

Hope you guys like it!



Sichuan Tоbacco Heаdquarters>>

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

След повече от месец и половина затишие, ето го и последният проект, над който работихме:

Обект: Щабквартирата на голяма китайска компания за тютюнопроизводство, в Сичуан / Китай

Проектанти: STЕPHEN GЕORGE INTЕRNATIОNAL / BULGАRIA: арх. Алeкзандър Дoу, арх.Владислав Дечев

Визуализация: арх.Владислав Дечев

Проектът е концептуален и от първоначалната идея до предаването на финалният продукт успяха да минат само 31 часа: включително цялостно моделиране на обектите в 3ds max + ArchiCAD и постобработката (рендерирането отне допълнителни около 60 часа).  Оригинална резолюция на визуализациите : 3000/2000




Cultural Entertainment Center, Sofia>>

Monday, January 17th, 2011

За много години на всички! Нека новата 2011 да е поне с 1 (идея) повече от 2010:) Да ви носи здраве, късмет и вдъхновение!!!

Понеже блогът спи зимен сън от Коледа насам, та реших да изтупам от праха един стар студентски проект: “Културно-развлекателен център, Студентски Град”, София, – втори преддипломен проект. Катедрата е: Конструкции във ВИАС,  при нашият любим арх. Жеко Тилев!