Happy Easter>>

Friday, April 22nd, 2011


PhotoSession 1.0>>

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Hi, guys!

Here’s a photo shoot we did with my girl a few weeks back, but I couldn’t find the time to upload it till now:)

This portrait session is maybe the first one with so much preparation: home-made background with a black/white paper  cliped to a cardboard, a home-made reflector with a piece of MDF board and cooking aluminum foil. The softbox and the diffuse umbrella were the real deal though:)

Model: Mersina Sekulova

Camera: Canon 500D + Canon 50mm 1.4

Post: Photoshop





Business Incubator /Concept 2.0>>

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Hi, guys!

Here’s the latest concept we’ve been working on: Business Incubator, next to the Chemistry Faculty of Sofia University / Bulgaria.

The idea is well known around the world , but here in Bulgaria – it’s kinda new. It’s a building that provides the ability for young minds to develop their unique ideas, to do research and basically to work for the good of the people. Here they have the opportunity to do all those things under the supervision of the government/or any other investments. They have labs, offices and the ultimate work environment, created for them. And as some say: it’s one of those Win-Win situations : the businessmen win, the scientists win and on top of all : the society wins:)

Architecture: Stеphеn Gеorge Intеrnatiоnal / Bulgаria: Tihоmir Kаzakov, Alеxander Dаw, Vladislav Dechev, Ivаn Kunchev

The entire project was done in 3 days and later on redone in again 3 days (including the modeling). The building and the surrounding terrain are entirely done in 3ds max. rendered there as well.

Original resolution 2700/1800, 300 dpi. Post: done in Photoshop

Hope you guys like it!



Houses in Biggin Hill /UK

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Hi fellas,

here’s the latest project we’ve been working on: two small houses in UK. The requirement for the CGIs was  to be sunny, bright and ..well basically to sell

The architecture came in cooked and we were supposed to build the 3D models and hit render at some point…and to be exact: in 2 and a half days:)

Original resolution 3000/2000, render time : 2h. per image

Hope you like them