The ОMAN Project>>

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Hi guys,

Here’s a project we did two months ago with Stеphen Georgе /UK – a development of a free zone in Omаn. It contains residential units, hotels, commercial and industrial buildings.

The process was very time-consuming, very difficult and dense. We had to design and build fairly detailed, but not too resolved 3D models for every building in the city. We’ve tried to unify most of them, but still the variety was quite big. The main idea was for the final images to look detailed (not full of white boxes), while the actual buildings weren’t actually designed yet.

The final goals were to present a CGI set (our job) and an Animation (rendering and postrpoduction of which – done by PrоVIZ)

I have to thank my colleague – arch. Margarita Bojinova for completing enormous amount of work including: building most of the retail models for both cities, and putting together the second (round one) city almost all by her self.

I also have to thank our colleagues from PrоVIZ studio for helping us with some render power while we were short on it:)

Masterplanning:  Stеphen Georgе /UK

Building Models design: arch. Vladislav Dechev, arch.Margarita Bojinova

Materials, Lighting, Environment, Car,-Tree- People Systems, Cameras, Render Setup, PostProduction: arch.Vladislav Dechev

Design Superviser: arch.Аlexander Dаw, arch.Тihomir Kazakоv / Stеphen Georgе Int. /Bulgaria

Software: – models> AutoCAD, ArchiCAD ;  scene done in: 3ds max ; rendered with: vray. Multiscatter used for all the trees and cars systems

Hope you like it:)




Huddеrsfield Animation

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Here’s a small animation we did a month ago – A School in Huddersfield / UK
Architecture: Stеphen Georgе Int.
Materials, Lighting, Camera Paths, Model fixing and Compositing: Vladislav Dechev

The client’s requirements were to get a really simple and almost sketch-like animation, without any sound and also to be loopable (for presentation purposes). The model came already done in Google SketchUP – really had a hard time preparing it for max but that’s what came out at the end.
Soft: 3ds Max, VRay, Adobe Premiere, QuickTime