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Victoria Gardens, Ukraine / Interiors

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Hi guys,

It’s been more than a month since the last post here, so I’ve decided to show you the following old project.

The year is 2010, Project: Affordable Housing in Ukraine, Architecture and interior design: AGK, arch. Tihomir Kazakov, CGIs: Vladislav Dechev

There are three types of houses (the exterior images of which you can find HERE) spread around the plot. The requirement was to for the interior to be a bit classic, but still affordable.

Those are very preliminary and test renders with no post production, but since we never got to do the final ones, here they are




Victoria Gardens /Ukraine>>

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Няколко погледа от едно комплексче в Украйна. Идеята на инвеститора беше цветовете да са по-“ведри” и да съживяват иначе мрачната и студена Украйна. Не знам дали точно “ведри” станаха картинките, но направихме каквото е по силите ни.

– Архитектура: GIH S.A. / AGK,

– Визуализация: Владислав Дечев

– Modeling: ArchiCAD,

– Texturing and Lighting: 3ds Max + Vray sun, dome, sky, camera,

– Post: Photoshop

Оригинална резолюция: 2400/1600 px